Technical Team

Corporate Profile

OSA Technology Sdn Bhd (OSA) is an innovation led company providing quality and advance designed products to the dynamic global medical needs.
Strategic Location
OSA is incubated in Malaysia, a dynamic and technology savvy country located in South East Asia. OSA is located in Bangi, just south of the capital city of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur.
Vision Statement
Regain Life . Live Life
Raw Material Partners
Our partners are from reputable companies, currently supplying their products : Stainless Steel 316VM, Titanium Alloy, Cobalt Chromium and others to the leaders in the Orthopaedics industry.
Raw Material
OSA Orthopaedic Implants are made of High Grade austenitic chrome – nickel molybdenum stainless steel. All stainless steel raw materials are imported from USA, Germany and other European Union (E.U.) countries which conform strictly to the following international standards; I.S.O. 5832 – 1, B.S. 7252 : Part 1, D.I.N. 17443 and A.S.T.M F138, F139.
Mission Statement
To bring innovative ideas from surgeons to the market through systematic process flow from design, prototype, test, intellectual property and innovative marketing skill.

To introduce malaysian made orthopaedics and medical devices with world class quality to the ASEAN, Southeast Asia and middle east market and devising quality continuous medical education programme to impart knowledge and update on surgical procedures.

To seek continuous improvement in all business areas and contribute to society via knowledge, skills and quality products and services.

OSA conceptualises, designs and produces technologically advance medical products with cooperation from scientists in various fields utilizing the latest leading edge technology in-house or sourced globally.

As an innovator and producer, OSA quality standards are ensured by its Quality Management system. OSA embraces the relevant requirements of the International Organisation of Standard (I.S.O.) Code of Practices and its application to the manufacture of Medical Devices as on British Standard (B.S.) EN 46000 and the likes.

Plant & Machineries
OSA production facility is equipped with the latest machineries for precision engineering and computer-aided-design (CAD) system. The production is lined with Barting Machine, CNC Milling, CNC Lathe, Drilling and Punshing Machine, Bench Grinder, Electro – Chemical Polishing, Shadow Graph and Laser Marker Machine and others.

From concept, design is performed with CAD computer system and later given a 3D rendering before a prototype is produced. This ensures speed and accuracy from conceptualization to realization.

Knowledge and Experience You Can Trust

Our Reputable Clients

We are most happy to announce that we have satisfied the stringent requirements of the ISO13485:2003 and received the prestigious European CE Marking certification. The CE Mark renders OSA products as conforming to the European Union standard, as such its products are accepted worldwide. OSA is also set to start the US FDA 510K approval to market its product in the USA and countries that use the US FDA standard as a benchmark.