Company Overview

OSA Technologies Sdn Bhd (OSA) is a medical device and technology solution provider company based in Bangi, Selangor in Malaysia. The company was established in 2004 to provide quality Malaysian-made orthopaedic implant products which are safe, high quality, affordable, and accessible. OSA is aggressively working on an expansion plan to scale-up this implant business via strategic partnerships and exporting to other countries.

OSA is determined to take this challenge and opportunity to be the leader in the medical device industry in the country and the Asia Pacific region. We strive to bring Malaysian Innovation to the World. There is great potential and growth in the healthcare industry, particularly in the medical device sector. Malaysia, being the centre of the Asia Pacific region, has the potential to be hub for medical device manufacturing and distribution activities.

Corporate Profile

OSA TECHNOLOGY SDN BHD incorporated in 2004, to provide niche orthopedic products especially orthopedic implants which are:

  • safe
  • high quality
  • affordable
  • accessible

Vision & Mission

1. To be a major player in orthopedic manufacturer in South East Asia
2. Medical device solution provider in the world

1. To provide quality and affordable implant to healthcare providers.
2. To provide technology solution to existing medical challenges globally.

Manufacturing and Operational Plan

OSA production facility is equipped with:

  • latest precision engineering
  • Computer-Aided-Design (CAD) tooling and machineries.
  • Parting Machine
  • CNC Lathe
  • Drilling
  • Milling and Punching Machine
  • Bench Grinder
  • Electro-Chemical Dipping Bath
  • Shadow Graph
  • Laser Marker Machine

Design and development

Design and development activities ensure speed and accuracy from conceptualization to realization:

  • are performed with CAD computer system
  • 3D rendering before a prototype is produced. These activities aimed to.

R&D: External Fixation

External fixation is a surgical treatment used to set bone fractures. The improved external fixation device by OSA Technology Sdn Bhd will allow easy procedure for orthopedic surgeon to install the device on patients with simplified surgical instruments.

R&D: Non-Invasive devices

The golden goose or holy grail of the medical device industry and major players around the world are racing to be the first to introduce a non-invasive blood glucose monitor. Diabetes patients are rapidly increasing due to the more sedentary lifestyles of people today compared to 10 to 15 years ago.

R&D: A single device/multiple perimeter devices

Giving vital sign information such as body temperature, SPO2 levels, and blood pressure readings in the fastest time will also be a very marketable device. Furthermore, a device certified as a medical device would be assured to give a more accurate data and be acceptable in clinical settings as compared to lifestyle devices such as fit-bits, smart watches, etc.

Company Profile

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